Range of products

Our products are environmentally friendly. The interior and exterior identification signage of companies, entities or businesses are part of a specific environment. Rótulos Mace have an extensive range of products and materials that we handle properly. We also carefully analyse each project in order to integrate them harmoniously.

  • Signs with fronts din tempered glass, laminated, polycarbonate
  • Signs with fronts in methacrylate and vinyl substrate
  • Argon, neon and LED graphics
  • Brass, copper or stainless steel 3D & Cut-out letters
  • Monoliths, barriers, totems
  • Vinyl graphics and printing
  • Interior decorating items
  • Displays
  • Serial signs
  • Spectacular lighting effects
  • Plug-ins to add information
  • Total signs for shopping centres, petrol stations and banks.
  • Streamers

Range of materials

Positioned at the forefront of the industry, Rótulos Mace are immersed in a process of constant innovation. We incorporate the latest technologies and materials in order to be able to provide solutions for customer requests, both with regard to the morphological appearance as to the materials, which make up the products we manufacture.

  • Glass, synthetic polymers, such as methacrylate and polycarbonate are the basis for panels and billboards. Brass, copper or stainless steel come alive in the hands of our experts to give shape to 3D & Cut-out letters.
  • Printing on canvas or vynil, resistant to chemical and physical aggressions, allows us to offer an extensive colour range of products with a three-year outdoor lifetime.
  • We use lighting solutions in argon, neon and self-regulating leds that comply with current regulations for light pollution.
All our processes are conducted under energy efficiency and sustainability criteria and reduce the impact on the environment.