About us

Rótulos Mace

The company started in 1975 in Barcelona with the illusion and for the purpose of offering a wide range of sign and corporate image services.

In that respect, our line of work covers all the areas of the sector. From design, to manufacturing, to signage installation, as well as all kinds of large format illuminated or adhesive signs that respond to company needs in terms of their corporate image.

In our business achievements, we have opened new horizons in the relationship with space as it is conceived nowadays, in order to provide the best solutions.

Our gradual growth has turned us into a company of reference within our sector. The high level of specialization of our professionals, our highly qualified technical department and customer-oriented management policies have led us to interact with all production sectors: small businesses, banking, finance, petroleum, textile industry, etc.

Our factory, equipped with the latest technologies, applies pioneer systems that guarantee exceptional quality and as a result, together with the craftsmanship and meticulous work of our professionals, provides sustainable, cutting-edge and high-performance products.

Ours pillars


We study each project to achieve a harmonious final result between materials, safety, aesthetics, the corporate identity and the environment.


We plan, design, develop, manufacture and install signs, corporate image, and signage… Our clients and their projects are our best guarantee.


We are committed to quality. In all our interventions, we comply with the strictest regulations and with the highest standards of quality.


We are aware of new trends and provide innovative approaches to each project, both aesthetically and in the use of materials and technologies.


Our facilities are equipped with advanced technologies. Combined with craftsmanship, they offer the best results in each project.


We have great professional background thanks to our dedication and our exclusive orientation to the sign industry, signage and indoor and outdoor corporate image.


We are present all over Spain through our own branches. In addition, we have specialized partners and collaborators in the Iberian Peninsula and everywhere worldwide. Wherever you are, we will get there.